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Digital forwarders - opportunity or threat?
Digitalization of the supply chain - present, not future
Saying goodbye to the dictatorship of quarters in management
big data in use
marketplace and sharing economy - a mine of dormant resources
pricing models in the times of instant pricing
safety of the supply chain in the digital era and blockchain - empty shell or revolution?
autonomous and electric transport - a real perspective or sci-fi?
and much more ...
Get inspired by the game changing start-ups.
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Simplify ordering a truck

Shipvio is helping shippers to order truck with just few clicks. Thanks to our technology we can distribute this load to carriers, who are just one click away from a load.

Country: Czechia

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sales automation software for freight forwarders

Quotiss stands for “Quote It Smart and Simple”. Quotiss simplifies rates management and enables quoting freight in one click.

Country: Poland

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Seven Senders

The leading delivery platform for shipping parcels in Europe

Seven Senders connects shippers to premium carriers around the world.
Our platform allows real-time delivery monitoring, and automizes customised customer communication.

Why is it cool? We gathered all useful tools and the best cross-border rates of the market in a one-stop platform!

How does it help? Post-payment customer experience is drastically improved, with real time communication on their parcels!

Country: Germany

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Simplify Transport Communicaiton

Countless calls and emails. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS. The 24 official languages in the EU.

This is daily business for the road transportation in Europe.

This is loss of time, money and information for all companies participating in the transport.

Sophy simplifies the logistics communications in Europe in an unique way: open for all forwarders and industries, Sophy is a platform consisting of a cloud-based web-application and an app on the driver’s mobile phone. Sophy provides the actual shipment position and connects all participants, translating real time their communication to the respective native language – direct, neutral and user-friendly.

Country: Austria

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just-in-time delivery management for construction sites

Every day, dozens of hundreds of trucks transporting concrete, steel, formwork, different materials and devices, collecting waste and returning borrowed elements come to large office buildings construction sites. These activities lack coordination and control, everything is taken care of by phone, sometimes saved in excel, which results in collisions in the schedule, lack of cranes and places for unloading, blocked elevators, trucks jamming the streets waiting for entry. Allegedly imported materials cannot be found on the square, because it is not immediately clear whether they have already arrived, because the information is dispersed and difficult to access. There is chaos, that construction crews have been dealing with somehow for 50 years, but they lose around 60% of the time for these activities.

We have created the ProperGate application, thanks to which the efficiency of internal logistics on high-rise construction sites increases incomparably. Contractors regain control of materials that are delivered in a predictable time, are efficiently unloaded and easily located, everything is known, always and immediately. We digitize construction and transfer the best practices from construction logistics in Great Britain to construction in Poland and other European and Middle East countries.

Country: Poland

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TNX Logistics

Procure to Pay for Road Transport

Road transport is a major cost for most shippers, and defines the viability of a logistics provider. Yet the procurement process, both strategic and tactical, is mostly running on gut instinct masquerading as expertise. Technology, particularly AI, offers game-changing savings potential.

Country: Germany / New Zealand / USA / Benelux

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your supply chain deserves better visibility

At CO³ we strive to create a world where every company in the logistics industry have an equal access to a transparent, automated and efficient collaboration. The first steps to this world is with our state-of-the-art GPS tracking product. It is focused on connecting shippers and carriers so that carriers have an easy and secure way to share GPS location of the trucks carrying shipper’s goods.

Country: Poland

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digital forwarder

InstaFreight is an online B2B forwarding company, that enables a fast and easy processing of freight transports.

Country: Germany

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loading space optimalization

Goodloading is a visualization of the process of placing the load on the selected loading space. The application algorithm calculates the free load space, suggests the optimization of the load arrangement and indicates the amount of free space through the LDM calculation. The application already has supporters on all continents, among others thanks to the option of sharing the loading project via a link or a PDF file. The way of navigating the application was taken from the platforms used by architects and 3D designers.

Country: Poland

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predictive optimization for logistics

Transmetrics provides cargo companies with an end-to-end predictive planning tool, which consists of data cleansing, demand forecasting, and optimization. Named among Top 5 AI Startups for Supply Chain Management by Business Insider, Transmetrics helps to significantly reduce operational costs and achieve full process and data visibility in just a few months. We do it through the use of data science and Augmented Intelligence – combining the best from AI and human logistics planners.

Country: Bulgaria

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he ETA Experts

We enable supply chain managers to constantly monitor their transport processes by making disruptions along the transport route visible. We account for the entire supply chain and gather real-time information related to potential disruptions from over 50 external data sources to derive high-fidelity ETA. By sending relevant disruption alerts, supply chain managers can act proactively and make necessary changes to transport and production planning at an early stage.

We provide the Data science expertise so that supply chain managers can fine-tune their transport processes to achieve greater precision and flexibility, bringing harmony into the global and intermodal supply chain.

Country: Germany

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warehousing platform

Are you looking for a safe substitute or buffer warehouse for your goods? Or maybe you have a warehouse or storage space and you need more clients?
If yes, is for you. is a warehousing platform, where you can find the nearest and the safest warehouse in any country of the European Union and easily book it. Young creators of this Polish start-up know how difficult and time-consuming is finding and booking storage space in ad-hoc situations. That’s why they made as simple as booking accommodation anywhere you want.

If you are looking for a storage space for your goods you can gain:
• safety of goods,
• instant search and booking of warehouse space,
• making transactions with a click,
• no long-term obligations,
• paying only for taken space,
• free access to the

If you have a warehouse or storage space you can gain:
• free publication of offers,
• collect reviews and stand out,
• show customers your certificates and insurances,
• manage your warehouse space in a quick and easy way,
• optimization of work through:
– the possibility of defining time windows
– the possibility of defining the advice note
– the possibility to distinguish between short and long term rental rates
– offering additional services.

Country: Poland

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Why attend?

  1. A rational and practical insight on key trends, that will shape the transportation and logistics industry in upcoming years.
  2. Most important European decision makers and the industry’s visionaries, who will share their knowledge with you during presentations, debates and networking sessions.
  3. Hyper promising start-ups presenting their innovative projects. Only real-time product demo’s, not power point presentations!
  4. Dedicated Tech Zone with all the top-notch technologies, so far only seen in futuristic captions on YouTube, now live right in front of you.

  1. Unique opportunity to present your product in front of 300 most important people in logistics industry.
  2. Meet your potential future investors, mentors or partners while showing your project on your dedicated info-kiosk area in foyer.
  3. Get inspired by the presentations of other start-ups, visionaries and experienced professionals from the sector of transportation and logistics.

  1. The one and only logistics power event for C-level participants in the CEE region.
  2. Limited amount of exclusive sponsorship opportunities – only one co-organizer and maximum 5 sponsors. No advert, leaflet or roll-up overload.
  3. Modern audio-visuals and exclusive venue. You simply fit here.
  4. Keynote speakers from all over the world on stage, top management executives on the audience. As the hyperLOG’s partner you build the image of the leader for transportation and logistics future.

  1. Within just two days, you will meet as many decision makers and visionaries from the logistics industry, as normally you would meet within a year.
  2. In the hyperTECH Zone you will gain direct access to technologies known only from industry media.
  3. The start-up presentations and product launches will give you plethora inspirations for even more following articles.

  1. The only chance in this part of Europe to present and confront your point of view with the audience of the industry’s most important decision makers.
  2. High class organization and best audio-visual experience.
  3. Great chance to build your own personal brand and influence the future of logistics.

Why attend?

For the attendees
For the start-ups
For the sponsors
For the media
For the speakers
Attendees You will have the opportunity to meet with decision-makers of the largest European companies from the transport&logistics industry

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In our eyes, the technology is changing the functioning of logistics and transport. It offers many perspectives, but it also poses difficult challenges for us. During our two-day event, full of knowledge and inspiration, we will ask questions, refute myths and provoke change. But above all, we will be happy to be part of a transformation that will take our industry to a whole new level.
Szymon Knychalski Editor in Chief, Trans.INFO


Vienna House
Andel’s Hotel
17 Ogrodowa Street
Łódź, Poland
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