How can i reach to Hotel Narvil in Serock near Warsaw, Poland?

If you’re coming from Poland then the most comfortable way is to reach Serock by car, as it is located close to Warsaw. For visitors from outside Poland, we recommend flight to Warsaw Modlin  (WMI) or Warsaw Okęcie (WAW) airport followed by train or car trip to Narvil. Trip from Modlin should take about 30 minutes drive and trip from Okęcie about 50 minutes drive. If you have any questions concerning your trip or flight, don’t hesitate to ask our crew for help!


I’m coming by car, where can I park it?

The parking is located just next to the hotel and for our guests will be provided for free. So if you want to come by car – this will be a very convenient way of commuting.


Where do I register just before the conference?

When you take the main entrance to the hotel (with some hyperLOG flags nearby of course), the first thing you will see after getting inside will be our reception desk located on your right hand. Please do mind, that there will be two separate queues – one priority for attendees with HYPER tickets, one regular for guest with BASIC tickets. Remember to take your individual ticket with you, either in printed or online version. Together with you personal ID, you will also receive a set of stickers – do use them to describe yourself and scale your networking up to another level!


hyperPARTY? What do you mean by that?

Exactly the opposite, that you are used to when attending regular boring “banquets” after regular boring conferences. It’s high time for a real hyperPARTY. Leave your tie for another occasion, feel comfortable here. Live music, a high standard open bar, a lot of space for chill-out and fun. After the whole day of meetings and inspirations, you will invest in relations here. Top-notch but not stiff. Classy but not posh. Let’s make it legendary.


Do you issue invoices?

Of course! After you register and finalize the payment, you will receive two emails from us – one will contain the invoice (issued on data, you have provided while registering) and second with your individual entry ticket (also with data provided during registering). Due to internal processes the time of sending you the email with an invoice may take up to 2 working days, but we aim to send them asap! The entry ticket will be generated and sent to you automatically, just after the payment is done.


How about accommodation?

Please note, that the cost of accommodation is not included in price of Basic nor Hyper tickets, it has to be covered separately. For our guest we have a special deal price to stay in the beautiful surroundings of the Narvil Hotel Conference and Spa, yet be informed, that the amount of special-price rooms is limited. At our disposal are single and double rooms, all with breakfast included. Moreover, our guests staying overnight in the Narvil Hotel will have the unlimited access to hotel’s pool area (please note that the spa is not included!), gym and wireless wi-fi connection for free.

Room booking is just another step i our registration form – first you choose the ticket type, then you decide if you need accommodation. If more than 1 person from your company is joining the event, and you want to stay in 1 double room, please choose a double room for one person and no room for the second.